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What Kevin Brings to the table:

- Over a Decade of proven success
- Over 100,000 Entrepreneurs have been trained, coached and mentored in 65 countries
- Over $100 Million in sales
- Thousands of people have been helped to earn over $1000 per month
- Last few months of testing with a 31 year old $Billion company, has yielded Tremendous results with Kevin personally helping over 120 NEW people earn OVER $500+ last month and growing

Who we are looking to partner with:

- Stay at home moms/dads , people looking for some supplemental income, people looking for full time income
- People who can invest 5 - 10 hours a week from home
- People who are coachable and can follow a simple system
- Unlimited Life changing income available to those who would like to work directly with Kevin10 - 20 hours per week.
- People who do NOT want to stock inventory, make deliveries, collect money or even physically sell products

  *Even though some of our team are earning Incredible incomes we want to reiterate that results are not typical, results may vary based on your ability to follow simple directions and/or your efforts.  (Income Disclosure form also available upon request)
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